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The best and most reliable Site Search ASP/SaaS

probo is a hosted site search solution for various enterprise web sites and services, such as company web site, E-Commerce, etc. Customer can put a probo search box on its website and enable prospective visitors and customers to find information instantly.

probo features

Basic Features

・ Search Log Analysis

・ Promotion links

・ Faceted Navigation

・ Site Across Search

・ Thumbnail image search results

・ Thesaurus and synonym dictionary

Additional Features

・ Query auto-completion

・ Search result control

・ Mash up search result

・ Customized crawling

・ Sitemap XML and landing page creation


・ Mobile & Smartphone solution

・ Search API solution

PDF Navi / Document Library

PDF Navi offers quite a new experience for site visitors

who would like to find PDF documents instantly and effectively.

Page-based and thumbnail search result

Page-based and visualized search result make easy for users to reach directly to the expected PDF pages.

User Friendly Viewer

Sites visitors can view PDF contents without any documents and/or plug-ins download.

Viewer Gadget

New PDF sharing solution embedded on the site.

probo site generator

Create new web page from existing contents automatically!

probo site generator makes new web pages from existing web contents. With probo site generator, customer can make unique contents, such as landing page for SEO, campaign page, etc.


Guide to relevant web sites !

jackpot guides site visitors to other web, such as corporate web site to its EC site, campaign sites, group company sites, etc.

probo multi crawler

Collect and deliver necessary contents from various resources.

probo multi crawler offers the ability to collect the contents from web, SNS, and blogs, and deliver to multi devices, such as PC, tablet, and smart phone.

probo advanced crawler

advanced crawler is to collect contents along with attributes for each contents, such as name, price, size, etc. and provide organized data to multiple devices and applications through API.

probo social crawler

Social crawler is to collect the contents from various social media, such as facebook, twitter, mixi, etc.


Real-time Twitter Collection / Filtering / Release System

Twise collects tweets according to theme and/or keyword on real-time basis.

User can filter inappropriate tweets and post designated data on its website instantly

Implementation Case Study

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E-Commerce Search

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